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As VanGrowski fought to keep Altieri from snatching his gun, Valenti jumped on the crazed man's back and began pummeling his head.
When West declined to let him in, the man became angry and began pummeling the door with bricks to gain entry.
The current barrage of solar storms pummeling Earth hasn't harmed power grids on our planet or damaged satellites, but it's generated a lot of buzz.
Neither man was injured during the shootout, but when the robber ran to his car in an escape attempt, Kesler followed and began pummeling him with the shotgun.
Because most older rocks were probably pulverized during the cataclysmic pummeling, it's not clear whether the resulting hydrothermal systems served as refuges for life that existed before the extraterrestrial blitz or as crucibles within which life began.
The 85-year-old woman approached the man and began pummeling him with her metal cane.