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A 3-mm diameter, circular skin punch biopsy specimen (about half the size of a pencil eraser) is sliced into about 60 sections, 4 of which are randomly selected for analysis to reduce sample bias since there may be differences in nerve density in different parts of the specimen.
The initial diagnostic biopsy was a punch biopsy of the nipple in 4 patients, a shave biopsy in 1 patient, and an excision in 2 patients.
A punch biopsy showed findings suggestive of chronic inflammation and malignancy.
A punch biopsy of the cutaneous lesion showed lymphogranulomatous inflammation in the dermis.
A variety of methods are currently used for cervical conization, including the traditional cold scalpel procedure, punch biopsy, and loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP).
A skin punch biopsy demonstrated chronic dermatitis with positive cell-rich inflammatory reactions containing plasma cells, suggestive of syphilitic dermatitis.
The blocks were cleaned with alcohol and microdissected using a sterile, disposable punch biopsy tool (4-mm Miltex punch, Kai Medical, Honolulu, Hawaii).
Punch biopsy results were consistent with granulomatous dermatitis.
Until recently, the measurement of AGEs found in skin had no practical value as a commercial test because their measurement involved a punch biopsy of the skin (typically large enough to require a stitch), and a complicated assay that could only be performed by a few academic laboratories.
Histology of a transoral punch biopsy specimen revealed a reactive vascular proliferation with eosinophilic infiltration.
The classic picture will be one of marked melanocytic proliferation as solitary units along the dermo-epidermal junction of a 3 or 4 mm punch biopsy.