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Therefore, we approach the film Punch-Drunk Love not in order to articulate an ethnographically documented historical account of men but to find an example of gender performance that may inform us about what it means to be a man in a hopeful and transformative way.
Lena is, in fact, the third unexplained phenomenon to manifest itself in Punch-Drunk Love.
Some [conservative Democrats], to me, appear to be punch-drunk because they're not clear on the fact that DLC members lost--McCurdy in Oklahoma lost, Sasser in Tennessee lost.
Fresh from a sell-out tour of Ireland supported by last month's Punch-Drunk Comedy headliner Glenn Wool, Hunter will headline four gigs on consecutive nights in four neighbouring Northumberland towns, entertaining hundreds and raising money for a host of local causes.
In August, Punch-Drunk donated food brought to its gigs to a different food bank in the vicinity of each venue.
Supplemented by Super-8 film, Ana Buitrago's somber self-described Solo para Mujer Deshabitada ("portrait of an uninhabited woman") switched between surges of multilevel motion and punch-drunk listlessness.
100 Heroes is the brainchild of Punch-Drunk Comedy, which hosted a comedy boxing match which raised PS30,000 for Kian earlier this year.
Punch-Drunk Comedy, at Newsham Side-Club, will feature Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Phil Nichol and Jason Cook - creator of the BBC Two sitcom Hebburn.
AA president Edmund King said yesterday: "Motorists are punch-drunk from fuel duty increases and shocked at the cost of filling up.
Punch-Drunk Love (by Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson) and Reign Over Me (by writer-directorMike Binder) put the Sandler persona under a microscope.
Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson) No imitations here: classic screwball comedy made fresh by a punch-drunk style that swings between deadpan and operatic.
Parma can prevent them taking fourth spot in Serie A by putting the weekend defeat to lowly Reggina behind them against punch-drunk Inter.