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Twenty-seven straight wins have followed this immobilizing power puncher, including his August 2, 1997 twelve-round unanimous decision over South Africa's Phillip Holiday, where he walked away with the International Boxing Federation Lightweight Title.
Hardy came up to me afterwards and said 'People said you were not a big puncher but, believe me, you've got more power than people give you credit for'.
I have been in with big punchers before so I will just go in there and do what I have to do.
Broner is a good counter puncher with an impressive KO ratio but with my high intensity boxing, I can cause him some problems.
You don't have to be a boxing expert to appreciate Khan's silky skills, but question marks have always surrounded his ability to take a punch and those doubts surfaced in spectacular fashion two years ago when Khan was knocked unconscious in the first round against big puncher and huge underdog Breidis Prescott.
Davies battered Nathan Brook to defeat inside three rounds and now meets Leicester power puncher Jahmaine Smyle on Les Allen jnr's sold-out dinner show at the Hilton Hotel on Saturday, December 4, that is topped by Sean McKervey challenging Midlands Area welterweight champion Kevin McCauley.
Feared Colombian puncher Prescott meets Dagenham's highly rated 25-year-old, in Newcastle on December 5.
I'm convinced if I didn't have a reputation as a puncher, I'd have fought him by now.
Reid admits he hasn't always been motivated - he had a spell when he lost seven out of eight fights - and the Wolver hampton-born Potteries puncher has turned his career round with the help of girlfriend Stacey Arrowsmith.
And how sweet it would be if Saugus keeps on winning instead of laboring through another season as a punch line instead of a puncher.
Fiery Fred, remembered as a ferocious hitting southpaw, will be at ringside in the Bedford Street arena to not only watch Lindsay in action against Intermediate champion Raymond Kane of Shamrocks (Omagh), but also monitor the progress of another rapidly rising puncher - lightweight Andy Murray of Clonoe.
TWO years after being warned that boxing could leave him prematurely senile, Barry Jones steps into the ring next weekend - against the most ferocious puncher on earth.