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5 km trek to Al Bustan - familiar terrain for aggressive punchers.
McGregor has proven to be one of the most powerful punchers in the UFC.
The plan is to pit Nietes against a Mexican puncher to further heighten the intense rivalry of the Philippines and Mexico.
He is obviously a big puncher but I have been in with big punchers before, so I will just have to make sure my hands are up and I go out there and do what I have been training to do.
I like Amir and I said they should keep him away from punchers," said the American (below).
I like Amir but they should keep him away from punchers," the Sun quoted Roach, as saying.
Gemini's 57kg puncher Ryan Moorhead outclassed Glen Murray (Dublin) 6-4 on the final night.
DAVID HAYE is ready to justify his claim of being boxing's most devastating puncher when he defends his WBA world heavyweight title for the first time.
They each get a piece of 9" x 12" colored paper and are instructed to punch a fancy punch in each corner (since I only had four fancy punchers) and punch around the edge with the regular hole puncher.
BLACK Country punchers Dean Harrison and Martin Gethin were a smash hit in Las Vegas on Friday night.
Forrest, coming off consecutive victories over Shane Mosley, made the mistake of standing toe-to-toe with one of boxing's biggest punchers when they met Jan.