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The 82-year-old, who taught French, Italian and Latin, started tracking down hole punches in 1978 and says he was intrigued by the many machines and methods used simply to puncture paper.
The grandfather-of six from Staffordshire has now acquired more than 200 punches - many of which are engineered with up to 30 separate parts.
Pacquiao's power punches stat line of 82-of-197 dwarfs Broner's 39-of-180 in the same category and the American's total punches.
Mycosis fungoides###Patch- non-treated###Center###Two or more punches
As an example, when sparring in the 2-minute-per-round system, the boxers' punching frequency was approximately 38 punches per minute.
There are different-length punches available, along with a few specially designed to drive certain pins.
Punches with different geometries and surface treatments are fabricated to a production piercing condition to study the as-pierced edge stretchability of AHSS in this study.
The manufacturer offers a line of ground perforators, close space punches, punch blanks, stepped punches, ejector punches, pilot punches, bevel-headed punches, core pins, mold pins, nitrided ejector pins, EDM die blanks, precision die buttons, tool blanks, sleeves, and miniature tools and components.
The hydraulic punch drivers utilise special geometry punches which can minimise both the cutting pressure and associated manual effort required for operation.
In addition to punching out holes or shapes, the units are capable of creating virtually invisible micro punches. Unsightly holes in packaged bags are eliminated, allowing for a variety of display options without compromising the product's package integrity or aesthetic quality, according to the company.
It was common to offer hot punches, cold punches, milk punches (a predecessor of today's eggnog), punches with chocolate, coconut milk, vanilla, green tea, ginger, and every possible spirit from brandy, gin, and rum to stout and wine.
Guests choose from a list of four to five punches that are crafted at a service bar and finished tableside.