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Operating in a new 220,000-sq-ft facility, the company handles CNC punching, milling, and EDM, as well as automated wet and powder coat painting, laser cutting, welding, screenprinting, and automated assembly.
The company's new LightTouch Desktop Punch, LightTouch High Capacity Desktop Punch and Comfort Grip Light Duty Punch also feature built-in paper centering guides that are designed to ensure accurate punching as well as a nonmarring chip holder that also prevents spills when emptying.
Asked if built-in register punching is now a marketing must for imagesetters, Ultre* sales director Jim Martin said the added capability does fit Ultre's objective -- offering all features and functions found on high-end machines at about half the price.
By employing hand geometry biometrics with our Gatekeeper software, we are utilizing new technology to control our payroll costs, eliminating buddy punching and watching the clock for rounding punches," reports Martha Drescher, Bay Colony Golf Club controller.
With rotating sparring partners wearing 1-pound ``focus mitts,'' on each hand, Sarchian kept up a steady rhythm of punches, changing his stance and punching style regularly to prevent strain to his back, arms and other muscles.
All that is required is connecting the pneumatic air lines to activate the male punching die module.
Control of the slug generated by the punching cycle has been an issue since the first slug was created.
FirstBank needed to reduce or eliminate buddy punching throughout its organization, and it wanted to gather more accurate information on employees," reports Juan Ignacio Gomez, director of sales and marketing for Interboro Systems Corporation (ISC), the Puerto Rico-based dealer that installed the HandPunch units.
Custom Air-Plenums (Bean Station, TN), a world-leader in the manufacture of air handling systems for schools, trucks, and commercial buildings, fabricates stainless steel panels and requires high speed punching of different hole shapes and sizes for positioning air flow openings, wiring, and rivets.
The minimum distance between the cavities depends on the punching process, the part contour and size, and whether cavity inserts are used in the injection mold or not.
This may sound familiar: When punching thick materials such as stainless and galvanized steel, a manufacturer often has to run the punch press at greatly reduced operating speeds in order to get high quality parts.
This relationship was formed to streamline the production of ready-to-bind documents as part of an on-line punching and printing process.