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His ego or punctilio can displease us, like the habit of unbending fussiness and carping, the pose of dissent as a monocle.
Although the court denied the protest, it concluded that the decision to terminate the contract was "a ridiculous exaltation of bureaucratic punctilio over practicality, contrary to common sense and caused an additional expense of $312,653 because of the technicality of a bid bond.
Yasmina Cadiz had her lean personal years, making $250 a week as a furniture saleswoman, working part-time on top of full-time to pay her bills, but she now runs Punctilio, Inc.
To depart, in the minutest article, from the nicety and strictness of punctilio, is as dangerous to national honour, as it is to female virtue.
To paraphrase the late Justice Cardozo, I consider the right to practice law as "a punctilio of an honor of the most sensitive.
As events accelerated to what Powell called "the edge of a very deep hole," Secretary Powell has seemed almost eerily disengaged, intoning with bureaucratic punctilio when asked if he had requested Prime Minister Ariel Sharon not to retaliate, "I have not given that direct comment to the Israeli government.
Taylor, exhibiting a punctilio of honor badly out of sync with contemporary Washington, refuses, saying: "I'm not going to bribe my government to let me build on my own land.
Nicobulus observes the punctilio of fides rather than its true spirit.
The order sloughed off some of this punctilio, but much of it left its mark.
Oxbridge punctilio will object that Milton was at Christ's College (not 'Christ's Church'), and that Magdalen, Oxford, unlike its Cambridge alter ego, has no -e.
Global financial regulation has tried to embrace the spirit of administrative good governance, even as it cannot hope to measure up to every legal punctilio of American governance requirements.