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Due to these reasons, from location to architectural characteristic, from schedule to interior quality, they need to be designed punctiliously and with the consideration of the effects at all levels.
This is why, while cherishing the Good as a salvific principle and embracing a path of penance, nonattachment and self-sacrifice, Praneshacharya persists in punctiliously observing the samskaras (sacraments and purifying rituals) prescribed for a brahmin as the best means of achieving progressive self-realization (75).
There must be no delay in strengthening the law, in doing so allowing the judicial process to function punctiliously and promptly.
You may not be a big sports fan, but let the rest of us enjoy our brief moments of post victory reactions, even though you may feel that they are a bit irrational and even though they may make us say things a little less punctiliously at times.
All these protocols, which were adopted over time, are meticulously updated periodically vis-a-vis feedback received from the patients and the healthcare providers, and are punctiliously followed by all concerned.
Here we find a punctiliously crafted story, indeed.
The Dead White European Male had won over a punctiliously controlling regime.
But when the case is punctiliously prosecuted, success should be the reasonably expected result.
At Hatay Airport," he stated, "the checks and inspections of all passengers coming from and traveling abroad and domestically are carried out punctiliously.
This mindset consists of punctiliously opposing any "racial profiling," of urging her readers "not to blame ordinary Mexicans," and of supporting (and seeing considerable value in) legal immigration.
Presumably, if Withers set out to cover a forty-year survey in 850 words, she would punctiliously undermine any argument she might make--based on the effect of the majority of the show--by attention to a work that takes a divergent approach.
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch as an M&A Guide--A way to clear the Delaware courts' dockets, if only dealmakers punctiliously adhered to it.