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That's no real hardship and something I do punctiliously." Dave now gets his eyes checked once a year in hospital and has a full examination by an optician every other year.
That's no real hardship and something I do punctiliously." He added: "With glaucoma there are no symptoms.
Each time the gates open, revealing a punctiliously maintained lawn and a bevy of luxury vehicles, anxious camera persons and reporters, camping outside Vikram Kothari's palatial residence, jump into action hoping to catch the latest in the ongoing probe against the tycoon, embroiled in one of the biggest loan default cases.
It is simple to understand, punctiliously administered and the number of complaints the SPRC receives about its operations is negligible.
Bob also took up a few directorships and was honoured with appointments, such as High Sherriff of Nottinghamshire and Colonel Commandant of the Special Air Service Regiment, duties he fulfilled enthusiastically and punctiliously. He and Angie lived a busy social life among a wide circle of friends.
The crackdown on both registered and unregistered churches in China that has been under way since 2013 has, predictably, led these punctiliously apolitical Protestants to stiffen their response.
By applying domain cognition it can use algorithms punctiliously and predict the different parameters.
28 [phrase omitted] The gentleman shall learn broadly and observe punctiliously what he has learned.
Besides, 12 widely presumed issues were punctiliously identified which could possibly hamper students learning.
The assumption was that the interviews would reflect the criminal defence bar as singularly committed to one steadfast, deeply entrenched, univocal vision of their mission: a uniformly client-centered mandate, punctiliously observant of a duty of loyalty that would inform nearly every aspect of their ethical identity.
While the contributors punctiliously report the findings of their own research, the larger significance of transnational anticommunism is not easy to gauge.