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When it comes to the actual practice of religion, his emphasis on spirituality, entailing a recognition of the ineffable, leads Heschel to note that "sheer punctiliousness in observing the law [can lead one to] become oblivious of the living presence, and forget that the law is not for its own sake but for that of God" (GSM 326).
In addition, their intensive experiences in the Israeli yeshivot probably contributed to greater ritualistic punctiliousness for many, and they, in turn, promoted such rigorousness when they returned to their American Orthodox communities.
If government in our representative democracy is supposed to respond to people's stated concerns, then government punctiliousness about privacy might actually be exceeding the public's demands.
It may be hoped that Professor Ayres' professionalism and punctiliousness will be a model for future legal biographies, and that Owen Dixon will be widely read as a worthy account of one of the greatest Australians.
He also censures the common-law system for its extreme punctiliousness in form (Adagia 4115, entitled "Causa cadere, formula cadere").
Cromwell has the right combination of dignity and vaguely off-putting punctiliousness that makes Baines empathetic, yet ready to be knocked down a few pegs.
One might connect the text and this interest in domestic punctiliousness, the family in formal communion at food, with a series of Latin table graces on the intruded fol.
Cliches that formed in the 19th century and persisted--with a reputation for sinister dealings and small-minded punctiliousness tacked on as the 20th century progressed--are being supplanted by a more nuanced view of a complex country: a democracy enriched and burnished by increased international involvement and multiculturalism challenged as all societies are by an underbelly of troublesome issues.
Punctilious in his manners, and demanding such punctiliousness in others, Maugham preferred people who could talk intelligently at his table and play bridge well.
The intensifying punctiliousness of the Orthodox and the complex ambivalences of the Conservative are sympathetically understood and described by the author.
He warned pious Conservative rabbis about halakhic punctiliousness and denounced any merely repetitious and mindless performance without a coherent theology or spiritual ground.