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And seeing my father painstakingly edit each new issue of the Gazette fostered my punctiliousness in writing.
and all of its imperial pretensions." Maybe so, but it's the little touches--like the sign by the fountain informing passersby of "eau non potable'--that retain an air of Canadian punctiliousness.
Close reader Rabault observes that, even though they were generally positive, they recurrently referred to values such as erudition and punctiliousness, which appeared much more rarely in Levi's reviews of authors of other nationalities.
Generally, Butler characterizes his Nausicaa as a pious believer who insists with "punctiliousness" on "small religious observances" and shows great "respect for gods and omens, and for the convenances generally" throughout her poem (125).
His extreme punctiliousness, his strict discipline at work and his unwavering striving for perfection were uncompromising.These high musical demands opened for Arturo Toscanini the doors to the leading opera houses around the world.
Jackson approaches every project with passion, dedication and copious amounts of Teutonic punctiliousness. The author of 16 plays and a spate of essays on performance-related subjects, he can spend hours on end standing or prostrate on the couch with his laptop in the small San Francisco apartment he shares with Wilmurt.
At that time, it was a form of decoration abhorrent to German punctiliousness. Nevertheless, the MHZ brand was born.
Formalism predicates actions with a certain elaborate punctiliousness that separates them from the informal and casual.
No Northeastern high-energy, righteous confrontation here, no flat Midwestern punctiliousness. One gets the sense that the charm and timbre of an attack in Rex LaSalle's kingdom are as important as the battle itself.
And the collected local media were granted a first-hand glimpse of his punctiliousness last week when Money unveiled new signing Par Lederqvist.
Equally impressive was the clarity of delivery from these dedicated choristers, and the punctiliousness of their accentuation.
(6) A small example of her punctiliousness occurs in The Heir of Redclyffe (1853; New York: Oxford Univ.