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Correspondingly, and surprisingly punctually, the Indian iPad's prices have been dropped as well.
I have got to pay my team a compliment for the way they have reached top form punctually after all the strains of the World Cup.
We remind people that the cleanliness of privately owned farmsteads and private open areas are theresponsibility of the owners who are invited to punctually see to their cleaning," said the municipality intheir official announcement on the initiative.
Every year, punctually around a certain date, someone anonymously sends the industrialist a framed pressed flower, something a favourite niece of his did for him till she disappeared at the age of 16 -40 years ago.
Lesley Smith, principle education welfare officer at Middlesbrough Council, said: "The majority of parents in Middlesbrough make sure that their children attend school regularly and punctually.
My contacts with Kirklees Council are dealt with punctually and efficiently - maybe it's because I ask in a polite and civil way.
Payment behaviour varies widely by sector as well, with the auto and transportation sectors the tardiest and IT services, watch manufacturers, and chemical and pharmaceutical companies paying more punctually.
ROSES Kings Castles @Barfly, Cardiff(Tu esday): Let'shope Babyshambles' drummer Adam Ficek is abit better than acertain Mr Doherty at showing up punctually to his own gigs as he tours with his solo project.
The troops are expected to be deployed along the border and could intervene punctually against the Islamist insurgents.
Almost 100 percent of our flights are flying on time," Lufthansa spokesman Klaus Walther told ZDF television, noting that more than 100 planes had taken off punctually.
We need to gain more control over the process to assure receipts go out more punctually," he said.