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The management of flight baggage is one of the most demanding applications of materials handling technology--a most heterogeneous spectrum of loads to be conveyed punctually at top speed.
They did not get to the last three in a very high standard of competition, but were nevertheless a credit to their school and their supportive families who had punctually delivered their offspring to the furthest corner of the country for a 7.30am start.
He said that in real everyone working at IIUI are equal, but those are great who works punctually and honestly.
that we have made with ourselves punctually," said Vanackere.
Can anyone explain the difference between asking passengers to arrive early so that the train can leave on time and asking them to arrive punctually as the train is bound to be late?
"It is compulsory that all registered players of Black Africa reports punctually and are ready for an intensive training programme on Monday, 25 July.
LADIES man Calum Best made up for lost time at the weekend by arriving punctually for a date with sexy model Georgia Salpa.
Lan also updated that in March, 83.3% of its total flights left punctually on a fifteen-minute standard (all departures leaving within fifteen minutes of the scheduled departure time are considered as "on-time"), which was 4.6 points lower compared to March 2010.
Correspondingly, and surprisingly punctually, the Indian iPad's prices have been dropped as well.
"We remind people that the cleanliness of privately owned farmsteads and private open areas are theresponsibility of the owners who are invited to punctually see to their cleaning," said the municipality intheir official announcement on the initiative.
My contacts with Kirklees Council are dealt with punctually and efficiently - maybe it's because I ask in a polite and civil way.
Payment behaviour varies widely by sector as well, with the auto and transportation sectors the tardiest and IT services, watch manufacturers, and chemical and pharmaceutical companies paying more punctually.