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The Somerville Lodge handler has had this race in mind for Punctuate for some time and it looks an ideal choice for his reappearance.
Macy and Peter Riegert punctuate the film with restrained mirth.
Punctuate can provide the third leg of a treble for William Haggas by winning the Claro Conditions Stakes (4.
Fraser, a historical biographer, expertly arranges and introduces the long essays of the eight contributing historians, and the experienced reader maintains listener interest through the numerous semi-voiced anecdotes that punctuate the saga.
The seven daily offices punctuate a way of life regulated by prayer, while the passing of the seasons marks time.
Occasional songs by soulful singer Miguel Velazquez punctuate the dancing and the orchestral numbers.
Such facts punctuate an amazingly broad account of evolutionary biology, including Dawkins, views on everything from speciation and extinction to plate tectonics.