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Como en el caso de Punctum, que con su "personaje punzante" expone un "drama historico, cuya negatividad se transfiere a las generaciones siguientes" (Llurba 82).
El sujeto poetico y la reconstruccion astillada de su subjetividad, que suele recobrarse con frecuencia en las apetencias satisfechas que el vagabundeo le reporta a los enunciadores liricos de Casas, frente a las adversidades del espacio extranado que sobreimprime la aversion como otra forma de vinculacion mas traumatica y menos conciliadora del yo con el entorno--tal como se patentiza en el sujeto yacente de Punctum de Gambarotta--delinean dos formas complejas de escenificacion intimista del sujeto en la ciudad.
Animals were divided into two experimental groups, named after the adhesive being used in the occlusion of the inferior lacrimal punctum and canaliculi of the right eye: Group n-butylcyanoacrylate (a) (GB, n=6) and Group 2-ocytilcyanoacrylate (b) (GO, n=5).
In other words, the photographs deployed in protest arrive addressing the audience through a system that marks the referent of the photograph and the photograph itself such that the punctum moves the photograph out of the unary stage.
The punctum is apparent in the embodiment of the past-present paradigm made literal, insofar as the image visually reveals both what had-been there (the car), as well as what no-longer-is there (the car).
If I follow Barthes's distinction between studium and punctum, it stands to reason that it is not my job to be too concerned with whether you like what I write here.
However, another notion that Barthes clings to persistently is more important for the current context: it is a certain attention of the observer, called for by a punctum, the Latin word for wound or puncture, which emanates from the photograph and triggers its effect.
The co-authors unpack and make useful, as powerful teaching tools, Barthes' concept of punctum and Elspeth Probyn's notion of shame.
Clavius dice que la definicion de linea mediante el movimiento del punto es la que mas le gusta: "Mathematici quoque, ut nobis inculcet veram lineae intelligentiam, imaginantur punctum iam descriptum superiore definitione, e loco in locum moveri.
Arguing in particular against the continuing dominance of Barthes' theories of indexicality and punctum to photography studies, Rose shows how these are, respectively, taken for granted or barely evident in domestic practice.
Occasionally the punctum - the drainage hole for your tears - is blocked with plugs or surgery, to keep tears in the eye.
This ulceration extended laterally into the buccal space and onto the buccal mucosa, terminating superior to the punctum of Warthin's duct.