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Arif Alvi on Thursday tendered a public apology on Twitter for the 35 punctures statement.
com adds "2015 Biopsy Puncture system Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario" to its store.
This narrative review explores the literature to determine strategies for preventing headache and provide evidence-based nursing care to adults with post-lumbar puncture headache.
For both surimi concentrations, the films with no salt at pH 11 had high levels of elasticity, as indicated by their high puncture properties.
A PUNCTURE can happen two minutes or 20 miles from home.
Dubai Police have warned bank clients to watch out for robbers who may lurk near cars and puncture tyres in order to steal their money while they repair the tyres.
NEW research shows that motorists are ill-prepared for a puncture, with an astonishing 1.
ALMOST half of all new cars no longer carry a spare wheel - and rely on a puncture repair kit instead.
However, the needle tip cannot be visible continuously with the out-of-plane approach, so there is a risk of an accidental artery puncture (2).
CAMBRIDGE, England, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- etyres has launched a puncture repair gauge that helps mototrists whose tyres have been damaged by potholes dodge the cost of expensive replacements.
On occasions we came across a vehicle which was broken down or had suffered a puncture and was causing an obstruction.
Tracheoesophageal puncture (TEP) with speaking-valve placement is the preferred method of voice rehabilitation in patients postlaryngectomy.