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Thus, more research is needed into puncture sites as an alternative to the fingertip that are associated with less pain, which could favour greater use of SMBG.
Keywords: epidural patch, evidence-based nursing, nursing, post-lumbar puncture headache
However, increased puncture properties were not found in samples containing 2% and 5% salt.
Lumbar puncture is performed as a diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedure in anaesthesia practice to perform spinal anaesthesia or it may occur accidentally while performing epidural analgesia.
Lumber puncture was done using a midline approach at the L2-3 or L3-4 interspace using 27G spinal needle and 0.
A PUNCTURE can happen two minutes or 20 miles from home.
Dubai Police have warned bank clients to watch out for robbers who may lurk near cars and puncture tyres in order to steal their money while they repair the tyres.
NEW research shows that motorists are ill-prepared for a puncture, with an astonishing 1.
ALMOST half of all new cars no longer carry a spare wheel - and rely on a puncture repair kit instead.
M2 PHARMA-November 10, 2011-InSeal unveils positive results from trial of intravascular large bore puncture closure device(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
However, the needle tip cannot be visible continuously with the out-of-plane approach, so there is a risk of an accidental artery puncture (2).