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Second, if the carotid artery is punctured in this area, direct external pressure is difficult.
This species can be recognized from others of the aurora group by the following combination of features: mesoscutum strongly and densely punctured (rather than rugosoareolate) except medially, pronotal dorsolateral angle approximately orthogonal, metasoma with metallic gold and copper highlights.
Putting a tunnel in the helicoid is equivalent to adding a handle--just like the one that sprouts from a coffee mug--to a punctured sphere.
Police have arrested a man and released him on bail after a total of 120 cars in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, had their tyres punctured during two nights over the Easter Weekend.
to the homeless to Cheney's "Energy Task Force"; all of this is conveyed via sweeping panoramas suggesting patriotic Hollywood war movies whose illusionistic spaces have been punctured by scrawled and printed news headlines, slogans, and leftist political graffiti.
At a radically different scale, it is punctured by small, square and deep apertures that illuminate the interior without revealing--at least in daylight--each room's exact position or size.
HUNDREDS of motorists in South-West Wales have had their tyres punctured by tiny pins which have spilled onto the roads.
A runway at Kansai airport was closed for about 40 minutes Thursday afternoon after an incoming Korean Air jumbo jetliner punctured a tire and stopped on a taxiway, airport officials said.
A total of 49 patients (22 men and 27 women) were selected from the outpatient Department of Internal Medicine of the Academic Medical Center if they had longstanding type 1 diabetes and punctured their fingers for glycemia checking for at least 3 years.
Now that we can use drugs to try to prevent HIV exposures from causing infections, testing patients whose bodily fluids such as blood, urine, tracheal fluids have come in contact with a health-care provider's mucous membranes through eye or mouth splash or punctured skin becomes important for another reason: the medications, though not yet proven to prevent infection, look promising but are difficult to take--and have significant side effects, not to mention the high cost.
Avoid: Very pale yellow or greenish fruits, which probably lack flavor (small green areas on otherwise high-colored fruit are okay), punctured skins, or very soft spots.