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A university student, Bilal Yousaf said he had once met an accident as one tyre of his motorbike got punctured after passing over a nail of the cat's eye.
A total of 22 cases (66.7%) were successfully punctured on the first pass, and all 14 overweight cases were successful in 1-3 attempts in our study.
The indicators were average puncture times, whether puncture needle deviated from the targeted point even punctured outside liver during intervention, whether there were puncture-related complications after intervention, and so forth.
Don't drive more than five miles if all of the vehicle's tires are punctured or damaged.
Second, if the carotid artery is punctured in this area, direct external pressure is difficult.
With Britain's roads blighted by a pothole plague following two consecutive harsh winters, motorists are increasingly suffering from punctured tyres.
When we came across a lady or elderly person who had a puncture we would remove the punctured wheel and replace it with the spare.
2 : to weaken or damage as if by piercing a hole in <My response punctured his argument.>
Using technology called the ContiSeal, the tyre manufacturer have developed a system that makes it possible for a car to continue on its way even after a tyre has been punctured with a screw or nail.
Uncommon for most Dialictus, the species treated herein are brilliant metallic blue (hence the reason the first species was originally described in the genus Augochlora) and coarsely and densely punctured, resembling to some extent parasitic bees or chrysidid wasps.
He suffered five wounds to his back and was taken to hospital for treatment for a punctured lung.