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Now when we are attacked by large flying reptiles we run beneath spreading trees; when land carnivora threaten us, we climb into trees, and we have learned not to fire at any of the dinosaurs unless we can keep out of their reach for at least two minutes after hitting them in the brain or spine, or five minutes after puncturing their hearts--it takes them so long to die.
Lt Col Nasser Al Shamsi, Director of Dubai Police's Forensic Laboratory, said there were two cases in February and March of thieves puncturing the car tyres of bank clients and fleeing with the money while the victim was changing the tyre.
The chimps used three distinct tools: a heavy puncturing stick, a lightweight perforating stick, and a flexible fishing stick.
Like McGill's technique of puncturing wide-screen panoramic effects with graffiti and text, Allen's shifting frames make the changes in Western political attitudes toward the Middle East palpable and visible; they also raise our awareness of the way seemingly innocuous sources can quietly manipulate our understanding of history.