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And unlike some studio pundits who think sounding o is an essential part of the role, this trio save their strongest words for the right moment.
This feature set has been extended in Pundit Lab+ to include on-site applications requested by customers.
The pundits seemed to have a pretty consistent view regarding John Terry and the captaincy of England.
But Mowbray isn't too bothered, saying: "I've got respect for the media doing their job and asking questions and for the pundits offering their opinions but the bottom line for me is that they don't really matter.
We'll see if and how it affects the head-to-head matchup surveys in days ahead but for now we have to ask: Why did so many mainstream pundits blow it?
Nor are montages of pundits mindlessly repeating talking points, even if they are astute media criticism.
Tufnell will also be part of the station's ball-by-ball coverage of the pioneering evening Twenty20 Cup matches from June 13,and will be a pundit on Five Live Drive.
Yule described him as "the pundit of pundits" saying: "His observations have added a larger amount of important knowledge to the map of Asia than those of any other living man.
The unofficial pundit consensus is that the most formidable discussion topics are technical ones like health care (says Brooks: "If I don't pay any attention to health care, then I'll have enough brain space for 20 other topics") and, as Nagourney can testify, foreign affairs.
And I can't believe he is not working in this country, either in football or as a TV pundit.
And I can't believe he's not working in this country in football or as a TV pundit.