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As he noted in 1946, his interest in folk materials "was first attracted by certain qualities that I thought the speech of the people had, and I wanted to get for my own writing a flavor, a color, a pungency of speech.
This fundamentalist critique took on particular pungency when the descriptions of near-death experiences resulted from an unexpected trauma or major accident that left little time for a deathbed conversion.
It loses its subtle hint of pungency when developed beyond a Full-City roast color.
As the pungency of these quotations makes clear, there was so much reason to shut up Lucrecia and her stage managers that the real question may be why they were not silenced sooner and more forcefully.
They are obtained from plants, that normally flourish in semi-tropical and tropical climates where the sun's heat is said to influence the strength and pungency of the spice.
It borrows a little pungency from the bright wings of birds coming home after their long winter vacation and adds a cozy scent from across the chimneys of muskrat houses on the shores of new-melted ponds; it catches the ageless woodsy aroma of old fence posts and piers and chopping blocks warmed almost to life again in the balmy air.
Tactile analysis: Pay attention to the tactile sensation of pungency in the throat--the density, softness and fluidity of the oil.
But pork's an altogether different matter - it's sweetness at odds with the pungency of cheese.
He said that at present, there was zero pungency of post-superannuation dues.
The oils were rated by an international expert panel of esteemed judges in a double blind tasting who rated each oil's fruitiness, pungency and bitterness while noting any defects that are not allowed in extra virgin olive oil by law.
Stilton is relegated to Christmas Eve on sever e pungency grounds alone.