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They then carried out further searches and discovered approximately 1,000 tonnes of municipal type waste and organic material upstream, which probably accounts for the pungent odours.
It was a pungent smell, similar to gunpowder or fireworks," he said.
If your family is willing to put up with the pungent funk of the spicy fermented cabbage (or other vegetables), the taste reward will be massive -- and luckily, ready-made kim chi is becoming widely available in the UAE.
Fish sauce brings the funk: As Americans developed a taste for Southeast Asian food, we also acquired a taste for this pungent, ultraconcentrated umami bomb.
POLICE discovered a pounds 100,000 cannabis factory after being alerted by a pungent smell wafting in a street.
Ammonia is a pungent gas and when inhaled it leads to unconsciousness and sometimes even death.
chloro silicane -- a colorless flammable liquid with a pungent odor -- while
Sabinsa Corporation has introduced Chilitenoids, a natural extract from a type of Capsicum frutescens that contains negligible levels of the pungent principle capsaicin.
If the 2000s were the decade with no name, the very phrase "the '60s" speaks volumes, and even emits an odor--the pungent aroma of burning marijuana.
I got to choose the colour, and I told them I really wanted it to be quite pungent.
Leaves 12 to 18 in number, laxly spreading, thin coriaceous, 30-45 cm long, dark punctate-lepidote throughout; sheaths elliptic, 3-5 x 2-4 cm, dark castaneous especially abaxially, slightly nerved; blades lingulate, acute to attenuate, pungent, 1-3 cm wide, thin coriaceous, green tinged purple or reddish striate.