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Sometimes it seems we spend more time pungently marking our terri- tory than making sure we're coming up with the best pos- sible solutions for our clients.
To put it bluntly, the Karachi terrorist saga has brought out pungently that the political leadership across the spectrum is just no match to face up to the ferocity and viciousness of the terrorism monstrosity belabouring the nation so horrifically.
Daniel Grausam's monograph is crisply written and pungently argued, adducing well-chosen examples and addressing an important topic.
As Leo Durocher pungently observed, "You want a guy that comes to play.
One resident, the pungently named "Fungi", gives his amateur social commentary on the issue.
In the last 24 hours we had their answer." He put it more pungently in private: "They f--ed us and now we've got to f--them"--with wiretaps, subpoenas, IRS audits, and FBI raids.
Stephanie Carlson is pungently colorful as the Charwoman who greedily partakes of her share of the "dead'' Scrooge's belongings.
Perhaps it is in his representation of Mrs Pocket that Dickens explicitly parodies and most pungently satirizes the Victorian hankering after gentility.
I lifted out the metal bucket and found the evil-doer: a lone teabag, which had somehow slid between the outer and inner parts and lodged itself near the base, where it was quietly but pungently turning an unattractive shade of green.
"50 Ways to Kill a Slug" is a pungently witty, yet practical little green book filled with lethal suggestions for reducing or eradicating the slug population from your spring garden.
But in our own way." The villa spoke of a luxuriously European lifestyle ' a state-of-the-art kitchen, a large store cupboard smelling pungently of looted spices, and a collection of videos.
Chekhov's story, "The Beggar" (1887) is an economically and pungently told short story whose theme is the "salvation" of a lying, drunken young man seeking a hand-out who, at the surprising end of the story, reveals how he was mysteriously "saved" from his dissolute ways and restored to respectable society.