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The 5" roller-bearing rubber wheels keep you on the straight-and-narrow, and the stability is rock-solid, unlike competitors' punier models that easily tip over.
Once upon other times, Corrie was Queen of soap operas, streets ahead of its punier rivals.
Crows that took home the best nutritional formula used by specialists in nursing orphan chicks ended up with noticeably punier youngsters than neighbors relying entirely on wild food.
The result is that blokes in the 1990s have larger brain capacity than ever - but punier bodies.
Fiddler crabs will do battle to help a punier rival, a report in the May American Naturalist concludes.
What contribution would Commander-in-Chief Salmond's toytown Scottish army and even punier navy and air force be able to make - and at what cost to the fledgling and fragile economy?