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But Congress saw it fit to include private persons who participate in the corrupt practices of public officials and punish them under the same law.
The new law authorises both police and municipalities to punish offenders.
Speaking on the occasion, the IGP KP Mr Nasir Khan Durrani said that administration is predicated upon the ability to punish & reward and it is impossible to actually command a disciplined force without having these requisites.
Des Moines (1969), still the lodestar for school discipline cases, schools can punish student speech only if it will cause a substantial disruption or violate the rights of others.
I explained to them that I never go into a game with a firm strategy of when and where I would punish players.
Approximately two-thirds of New Jersey's drivers are angry when they're behind the wheel, and almost half are likely to try and punish other drivers, according to the results of a study conducted by the Insurance Council of New Jersey and the AAA clubs of New Jersey.
Marketing is so driven by competition that the need to reward customers is often overshadowed by the need to trap and punish them.
Beneath all too many schools lurks a chilling message to students: "Learn or we will punish you.
The origin of crimes against humanity as a judicial concept was the result of a deliberate choice of the Nuremberg prosecutors, who lacked adequate legal precedent to punish the full scope of Nazi atrocities.
The first emotion is to identify the guilty parties and punish them very harshly," a Madrid businessman told a U.
In pointed comments, judge William Gummow said long-term detention was being used to punish asylum-seekers.
Kennedy suggested a "single-digit" standard, in which punitive awards--damages levied in order to punish a defendant--should be no more than 10 times the award for actual damages, in most cases.