punishable act

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The administration is inactive to stop children from flying kites despite advertisement by the government in the national press that it is an illegal and punishable act.
He told the judge that later he knew that the drug was not permitted in the UAE, but he was not aware that using it is a punishable act.
The act of lowering or scandalising the authority of the court is obstruction of justice and a punishable act.
Wrong accusations toward political leaders and national figures by those who are close [to Ghanem] is a punishable act," the statement read.
It called on readers to sign an online petition for a law to make publicly threatening the use of nuclear weapons a punishable act.
Road blockage for more than 24 hours will be a criminally punishable act with one to 3 years in prison.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The denial of the so-called "Armenian genocide" will no longer be considered a punishable act amongst the 47 member countries of the Council of Europe, including Armenia, thanks to a historic verdict made by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on a suit filed by Turkish politician Doy-u Perincek against Switzerland.
Brigadier Mohammed Al-Qaedi, the public relations manager at the Interior Ministry, warned against shooting in the air to express joy, saying this is a punishable act and perpetrators will be held accountable.
He alleged that approval from parents was not taken before the trials, making them an illegal and punishable act.
46) Treason is then a punishable act, and even its mere contemplation may arouse the resentment of the impartial spectator.
Misusing a national symbol that more than a billion Indians keep close to their hearts for personal business purposes is a punishable act.
The punishable act should be violating road rules or causing an accident, not the factors that led to those offenses.