punishable by law

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References in classic literature ?
As to my cousin Sophia, I can't imagine her to be such a simpleton as to have the least scruple on such an account, or to conceive any harm in punishing one of these haggs for the many mischiefs they bring upon families by their tragi-comic passions; for which I think it is a pity they are not punishable by law.
When physical passion is involved, there is a definite name for such behaviour--flirting--and if carried far enough it is punishable by law.
The amendment stipulates that it is permissible to reconcile with defendants accused of criminal offenses and misdemeanors punishable by law after the payment of a fine.
In March 2016, Pakistan s Senate also passed a bill that criminalised sexual assault against minors, child pornography and trafficking for the first time -- previously only the acts of rape and sodomy were punishable by law.
The stern warning was to reiterate the fact that distribution of child pornography is punishable by law.
In the end, you or the reckless driver, or both, might end up behaving in a manner that is punishable by law.
In a statement, the ministry said cruelty to animals is an issue that Jordan takes extremely seriously, and it is a crime punishable by law (Article 472 of the Penal Law).
The delegation appreciated the efforts of the council specially on its recommendations regarding three divorces at one time wherein the council has advised to make it a punishable by law.
The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) had warned that people caught selling or buying food packs given to individuals affected by disasters was punishable by law.
On Thursday, Dec 28th the committee passed the Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2017 that seeks to replace the colonial penal law that had focused on the pretext that since Islam forbids suicide anyone attempting it should be punishable by law.
Disposing human waste and other hazardous materials on public lands is punishable by law.
The company also put labels on the machines warning that "fetal sex determination is illegal and punishable by law.