punishable by law

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As to my cousin Sophia, I can't imagine her to be such a simpleton as to have the least scruple on such an account, or to conceive any harm in punishing one of these haggs for the many mischiefs they bring upon families by their tragi-comic passions; for which I think it is a pity they are not punishable by law. I had no such scruple myself; and yet I hope my cousin Sophia will not think it an affront when I say she cannot detest every real species of falsehood more than her cousin Fitzpatrick.
When physical passion is involved, there is a definite name for such behaviour--flirting--and if carried far enough it is punishable by law. But no law--not public opinion even--punishes those who coquette with friendship, though the dull ache that they inflict, the sense of misdirected effort and exhaustion, may be as intolerable.
The public and motorists are advised that tampering by removing barricades or any Government property is punishable by law.
They also reminded the agitators that participating in an unauthorised demonstration is punishable by law. Protests have been raging across Moscow after opposition figures were disqualified from standing in the upcoming local elections.
Contrary to these standards you will be producing psychotropic substances, which is punishable by law,' the spokesperson emphasized.
It further adds that it is a criminal offense punishable by law for any person to promote the aforementioned illegal activities in Botswana as that constitutes an unfair trading practice.
The examining magistrate at the supreme court heard the charges against Louh, minister of justice from 2013 to 2019.Read also:Algeria Appoints New Ambassador to MoroccoThe former minister was placed in custody as part of the wide-scale crackdown on corruption launched by the supreme court, according to a statement by the public prosecutor.On August 8, the court of Algiers announced the start of a preliminary probe into Louh over acts punishable by law.
Galvez, a former military chief, said the Anti-Subversion Law, which made membership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) punishable by law, will 'multiply' the effects of the government's localized peace talks with communist rebel forces in the Philippines.
In a Tweet posted to their official account, Dubai Police warned beach goers that "filming or taking photos of others without their consent is punishable by law".
Summary: Taking pictures or video of people without their consent is punishable by law in the UAE
He said illegal advertisement of medicine is punishable by law and legal action will be taken against such elements as per Drugs Act 1976 and DRAP Act 2012.
The govt has also introduced legislation to prevent this practice and has made it an offence, punishable by law. If demanding dowry is considered a crime, so should give dowry.