punishable offense

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This is considered a punishable offense, in view of the danger these products may pose to the health and safety of the consumers.
'This is a punishable offense as per the section 28 of the law," the release added.
The chairman FBR proposed steps against under and over invoicing and said it should be declared a punishable offense and financial crime.
Abetment of bribery is a punishable offense under Section 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, with imprisonment for a term of six months to five years.
"Please be reminded that electioneering or engaging in partisan activities by one holding a non-political office is a punishable offense," he added.
The father was referred to the court on a misdemeanor charge of negligence, as the law refers to any wrong action which harms another person is a punishable offense.
He stated it is a punishable offense and people are not chew the products in public places in these countries.
Catcalling will soon become a punishable offense in the city of Manila.
The Second Section of the ECtHR decided in 2013 that the denial of the Armenian genocide was not a punishable offense. This decision was made upon a lawsuit filed at the Local Court of Minor Offenses of Lausanne by a civil society organization, L'Association Suisse-Armenie (ASA), against Turkish politician Dr.
Greg Abbott on Friday signed into law a measure that makes online solicitation of a minor a punishable offense.
All warehouses and other commercial entities should take all safety measures and failure to do so should be made a punishable offense. -- S.H.
TOKYO - The National Police Agency said Thursday that 95 percent of respondents to a recent survey believe the ''phishing'' Internet scam in which users are cheated out of their IDs and passwords by being lured to phony sites should be made a punishable offense under the law.