punishable offense

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The AIMIM chief further gave a detailed explanation as to why he demanded the central government to bring out a law that would make calling Indian Muslim "Pakistani" a punishable offense.
He stated it is a punishable offense and people are not chew the products in public places in these countries.
According to the Punjab Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Act 2015, child marriage is a punishable offense in Pakistan with a minimum sentence of two years.
Catcalling will soon become a punishable offense in the city of Manila.
In a landmark decision taken by the Supreme Court of India, a two-judge bench, headed by Justice Madan B Lokur, on Wednesday ruled that having a sexual relationship with a minor wife would amount to rape, and would, therefore, be a punishable offense.
In the SMS, PTA warns that the uploading and sharing of blasphemous content on internet is a punishable offense under the law.
Kodituwakku, who holds Sri Lankan and British citizenship has asserted that the abuse of the MPs' office for 'unjust enrichment' tantamount to a punishable offense under Section 70 of the CIABOC Act.
Litterbugs cannot continue throwing litter anywhere they please because someone would pick up after them, or because they would be able to get away with it despite being a punishable offense under our national and local environmental laws,' she added.
If the complaint is found true then it is punishable offense under section 51 of wildlife protection act, 1972.
The Second Section of the ECtHR decided in 2013 that the denial of the Armenian genocide was not a punishable offense.
Yacoub said that the act constitutes a punishable offense under the Consumer Protection Act No.
Greg Abbott on Friday signed into law a measure that makes online solicitation of a minor a punishable offense.