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Chief, it's therefore important that you set an example by punishing a rogue cop.
The SFL could hit the Dark Blues with a hefty points deduction when they meet to discuss punishing the First Division outfit.
It is not just a case of talking then punishing the player financially.
Fifteen percent of the respondents did not support punishing Musharraf for enforcing emergency on November 3, 2007 while 14 percent did not give any response.
gt; discipline is used of punishing the wrongdoer but usually includes an effort to bring the person under control.
It also asked drivers to score themselves in the areas of anger, impatience, competing, and punishing.
Punishing customers--or at least potentially doing so--went to a new level earlier this year, when word got out that Royal Philips Electronics had a patent-pending technology that would prevent viewers from skipping television ads by freezing the channel while the ad was playing.
Jones said the detention center is trying to use more psychologists and psychiatrists to talk to the girls and to avoid punishing them with isolated confinement.
What if, instead of punishing mistakes, you rewarded employees for reporting mistakes that, when uncovered quickly and corrected, provided an illuminating lesson which benefited the company.
The data indicate only that some parents use excessive force in punishing their children, contributing to later problems for those kids, say psychologist Diana Baumrind of the University of California, Berkeley and her colleagues.