punishing experience

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I expected a punishing experience so it was pretty much what I signed up for - but it does take quite a big mental and physical toll on you.
The best joke I have heard in Tory circles since his 4,000-word article appeared is that he wrote two: one of which said that Brexit was going to be a punishing experience, thanks to perfidious Johnny Foreigner, and that we should brace ourselves for impact - but that he decided to go with the optimistic, Britain-can-make-it version.
Manuel Pellegrini's men have been less-than bewitching themselves recently but Wembley will be a punishing experience if Sunderland reprise that.
The best in that division invariably strike first time, and, significantly, without enduring a punishing experience.
After the punishing experience of doing The Man in the Iron Mask he decided it was time to slow down, and he moved back to Ireland about ten years ago.
Light showers and breezes are predicted for the world-famous half-marathon, which was a punishing experience for many last year as the sun came out and temperatures reached an unseasonably high 19C.
The making of Sex Traffic proved a punishing experience for Simm, who spent a month in Romania filming gritty sequences where his character Daniel first encounters Elena, one of two sisters from Moldova who have been sold into the brutal East European sex trade.
ORDEAL: Even acting the crucifixion was a punishing experience for actor Jim Caviezel who says he has not yet recovered after last summer's shooting
Clearly he's not a linguist and I think it must have been a terribly punishing experience for him to be force-fed a language when he clearly has no gift for languages.
How much will his punishing experience in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile be lurking at the back of his mind the next time he comes under pressure?
The Triple Crown represents a punishing experience for any horse competing in a single leg, let alone all three.
The son of Gunner B travelled strongly for a long way on that occasion and did not seem to endure a punishing experience when starting to weaken.