punishment without trial

See: lynch law
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572 cannot be considered as a bill of attainder since such bill is a legislative act that inflicts punishment without trial.
It is a punishment without trial. It is counterproductive because the people of Fata have no alternative and they violate it.
She added the "teens' killers should be brought to justice but mass punishment without trial merely creates more injustice".
This would also be an opportunity to introduce safeguards into the system and to extend the regime to include terror suspects and end the scandal of punishment without trial."
Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: "When it comes to ending punishment without trial, the Government appears to have bottled it.
The organization demanded that the international community, and those party to the Fourth Geneva Convention, intervene to stop the crime of assassination being used against Palestinians, a tactic that is clearly punishment without trial. It called for the international protection of Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories as the only way to prevent further crimes.
I'm horrified by the revelations in your May/June article, "Punishment Without Trial," by Mathew Behrens.
Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights group Liberty, said: "Dr Reid's parting gift contains his characteristic enthusiasm for punishment without trial."
"Mr Clarke may feel harshly judged today but for his anti-free speech and ID card laws and for instituting punishment without trial, our children may judge him even more harshly tomorrow," she said.
Shami Chakrabarti, of civil rights group Liberty, said: "This scandalous system of punishment without trial is in tatters."
"The government refuses to acknowledge a basic truth: Punishment without trial is unacceptable, no matter what." Anti-terror law between opposition and support
And a culture in which some people are enslaved is surely morally worse, in that respect, than a culture in which all are free; a culture in which women are treated as chattels or children is morally worse, in that respect, than a culture in which women are accepted and treated as fully human; a culture in which people are subject to imprisonment and punishment without trial is morally worse, in that respect, than a culture in which they are not; and so on.