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The north is being punitively harried by the coalition government.
It has set limits on punishment, and it has rejected harsh sentences that treat juveniles punitively as adults and without recognizing the potential of rehabilitation.
The public is safer, youth are being treated less punitively and more humanely, and governments are saving money--because the juvenile justice systems are reducing their reliance on confinement.
Literature scholars and historians draw from literary and historical texts to shed light on medieval and early modern perceptions of what constituted criminal behaviors, and how society responded punitively to those found guilty of violating normative patterns of behavior.
Starr International and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg have "no more than a 20 percent" chance of winning damages in their lawsuit claiming that that the government acted punitively against American International Group's shareholders when it bailed out insurance giant in September 2008, AIG's lawyers say.
Starr International and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, its controlling shareholder, have "no more than a 20 percent" chance of winning damages from the government in its lawsuit claiming that that the government acted punitively against its shareholders when it acted to bail out American International Group starting in September 2008, AIG's lawyers have told its board.
Buy a punitively hideous bra and think about what you've done.
We are, in effect, being propelled by government into a new dark age of enforced mediocrity, where the lowest common denominator becomes the legally compelled reality, wealth creation is so punitively taxed that it disappears, and Federal bureaucrats dictate the decisions made by so-called private enterprise that increasingly are state surrogates.
He argues that complex rules often: have punitively high costs of information collection and processing; rely on "over-fitted" models that yield unreliable predictions; and can induce defensive behaviour by causing people to manage to the rules.
Our current business tax system rewards the Wall Street financial engineers and corporate-buyout moguls, since debt is deductible, while punitively taxing capital investment, employment, and equity--the engines of economic growth.
"The GM thing alone looked like some [Facebook] executive ticked GM off and they punitively worked to torpedo the IPO," said Enderle.
Again: what do we give up, when we decide we will no longer punitively parent?