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Bellotti said the Ducks `shoot for' averaging 38 yards in net punting, and 35 is `acceptable.
Additionally, never before has a kicking and punting instructional video covered the key aspects and importance of strength and conditioning," added Carney.
And punting will remain his primary purpose on those fourth downs.
It is an important program because it provides a fun, lively and energizing forum for boys and girls to learn about competition and sports at a young age as they compete against their peers in punting, passing and place kicking," concluded Flick.
If punting on fourth down was unusual, another strange play occurred for the Trojans on their next possession.
It's not just about punting the ball as far as you can.
We like to mix our alignments so that the receiving team cannot get a good read on whether we are punting or running some sort of fake.
You're only gaining five, so you're probably better off punting the ball out of bounds.