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Spare puny inhabit and All I can suggest is get a suntan (either real or fake)and avoid big lads on soft sand.
Borrowed into English, puisne and the phonetic spelling puny came to be used of anyone in a position of less importance than another.
No need for a celebrity to switch on our puny display.
The present puny partitions are not strong enough and can be kicked out by drug-fuelled morons and drivers can be seriously injured or killed.
In fact, Tony Blair's rather puny "101 per cent" may have helped in bringing the general rate down to more manageable levels.
delicate, backward, and puny," writes the journalist Stephen S.
There he was, last week, muscling his puny way on to national radio, desperate for his voice to be heard across the country (yet again).
She didn't make it but she takes the reader through an alternately comic and grueling visit to executive career coaches, job fairs for $200,000 + salary seekers, proselytizing evangelical networking seminars, and motivational gurus who she exposes like the puny Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.
Puny and defenseless, they're almost obliterated by the technological maelstrom that surrounds them.
Finally, there's a shot of my two daughters, arms around each others' necks, proudly displaying a puny little bullhead that got tangled in their line while fishing off the Berkeley pier.