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Can't you see that we're both Pups in the Wood and the missis is the cruel uncle after you with the dish towel and me with the flea liniment and a pink bow to tie on my tail.
They proved that a seal pup could swim or not swim at birth by stating the proposition very bellicosely and then following it up with an attack on the opposing man's judgment, common sense, nationality, or past history.
He darted his right hand down to the pistol at his hip, and muttered: "Any nigger that'd hurt that pup .
That's what I do wi' the pups as the lads are allays a-rearing.
Captain Marsh and Famine and Pestilence the baby COYOTES, and Sour-Mash and her pups, and Sardanapalus and her kittens - hang these names she gives the creatures, they warp my jaw - and Potter: you - all sitting around in the house, and Soldier Boy at the window the entire time, it's a wonder to me she comes along as well as she does.
Mothers in better condition transferred a larger amount of body reserves to their pup than other mothers.
If at any time the pup flinches, drops or exhibits body language that I deem to be a possible negative reaction, I simply move the dummy launcher further away from pup, thereby reducing the noise level.
n If you are buying a dog that is Kennel Club registered insist on receiving the paperwork with the pup.
So the first thing to look for in a pup is the temperament of the parents and grandparents and as many close relatives as you can find.
THIS is the heartwarming moment five rescued seal pups were released back into the wild.
we'd wannabe the PAW along to say pair of pups Pup Pup The Nick Jnr characters will be rotating personal appearances at intervals between 10.
So many seals come to pup on RSPB Ramsey Island that they can give birth in the most unlikely - and random - of places.