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Neurological examination: coma/absent response to painful stimulus, absent pupillary reflex, absent corneal reflex, absent cough reflex, absent gag reflex, absent oculovestibular reflex, and absent oculocephalic reflex.
Current literature lacks publications comparing the parameters of PST, such as PUI, with pupillary reflex parameters or the interpretation of these ratios with respect to sensory or mental fatigue.
The most common sign of retinoblastoma is white pupillary reflex, known as leukocoria.
The most important assessment is that of the pupillary reflexes, as described in detail below.
Ocular examination should include assessment of visual function, nystagmus, strabismus, the presence or absence of a red pupillary reflex, IOP, corneal diameter and co-existing ocular conditions such as persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous and coloboma (see later).
Clinical features noted at the time of admission were temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure, Glasgow coma scale, pupillary reflex, tone and fundus.
I take my pen torch from my pocket and shine the light in one eye and then the other, testing his pupillary reflexes. His irises are blue shot with grey, his lashes long and dark.
There were no signs of otitis or mastoiditis, the pupillary reflexes were symmetrical, normal eye movements, and preserved convergence.
On examination, patient was conscious, oriented, and alert, with apparent right sided and upwardjerky nystagmus, but normal range of motion of both eyes, normal pupillary reflexes, and fundoscopy; patient was found to have loss of coordination in the four limbs manifested by abnormal finger nose test and dysdiadokinesia, with abnormal heal shin test, that was more marked on the left side; otherwise motor, tone, touch, and position sensation were all intact.
Both direct and indirect pupillary reflexes were absent on left side initially but with start of steroid therapy, pupil became mid dilated and started sluggishly reacting to light.
The brainstem reflexes included corneal reflexes, pupillary reflexes, oculocephalic reflexes, oculovestibular reflexes, and cough reflexes.