purchase price

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According to the company, the difference between the purchase prices is due to a clerical error in the share purchase agreement, where enterprise value had been incorrectly inserted instead of equity value, i.e.
He says they have been continuously communicating with wineries asking them to raise the purchase price so the government will not have to introduce an intervention measure as it did last year when it raised the government subsidies by one denar per kg.
Q: Can the payment by Mon of Jay's loan be considered as partial payment of the purchase price?
The CBS set the price of USD for market dealings at SYP 96.31 for purchase and 96.89 for sale, while the purchase price of Euro reached at SYP 126.24 and the selling price hit SYP 127.13.
(3) Expected purchase price: The dollar amount the seller can expect to receive after the applicable earn-out period.
If the offer is fully subscribed at a purchase price of US$4.25 per share, Cardiome will purchase 6,470,588 common shares under the offer (representing approximately 10.1% of the issued and outstanding common shares as of the date hereof).
in Sherwood, $962,000; 2005 purchase price, $876,000.
The purchase price of 770 Yen was calculated on the assumption that the dividend amount approved at the 77th ordinary shareholders' meeting of Pentax would be 7 Yen per share, as proposed by Pentax.
At the 5.75% midpoint of this cap rate range, Mount Vernon Square's value is closer to $185 million, $40 million more than the actual purchase price."
When using the percentage of compensation basis, the purchase price often is based on the average compensation paid over a three to five-year period preceding the sale.
The provision intends to eliminate the shifting of purchase price allocations among multiple intangibles to eliminate or mitigate the recapture of ordinary income, as in Example 2 above.
The purchase price may ultimately be based, in whole or in part, on the financial statements of the seller as of the closing date.