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There are few reports on the biodegradation of PAHs by pure culture of SRB, In general, removal of PAH by bacterial consortia are widely reported.
The antibacterial activity of the temporary restorative material was evaluated in pure cultures of Escherichia coli (ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) BAA-2336) and Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 11632) on a McFarland tube #1 scale of turbidity, corresponding to approximately 3 x [10.
Co-culturing Euglena or green algae with such stabilizing microbes is an attractive alternative to pure culture approaches.
Fermentative hydrogen production from biomass can be attained either by using mixed acidogenic microbial cultures or a pure culture of a saccharolytic strain.
The specificity of MicroSnap EB was determined by measuring its ability to detect 39 different bacteria in pure culture (22 Entero's and 17 Non-Enterobacteria).
This dairy product is based on a pure culture of Lbm.
However owing to different location of primers they amplified 509 bpsproduct corresponding to the spacer region of 16S-23S rDNA of the pure culture of isolated bacteria.
Nematode inoculumIn order to make pure culture of sampled population, single egg mass inoculation of M.
Pure culture plates produced uniform colonies of same colour, showing the growth of one type of fungus, Aspergillus spp.
The pure culture was inoculated in 250 ml flask containing 50 ml of pre-sterilized potato dextrose broth and flasks were kept for agitation at 200 rpm in rotary shaker at 28 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C for four days.