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The isolation of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria was done according to the conventional method.
No amber pigment was observed with pure culture samples (e.
It should be noted, however, that there were only 41 pure cultures out of 278 firms and the vast majority of micro-firms had characteristics of clan cultures.
The inadequacy of the disease metaphor, which some public health specialists seem to take quite literally, is readily apparent when we consider Koch's postulates, the criteria by which suspected pathogens are supposed to be judged: 1) The microorganism must be observed in all cases of the disease; 2) the microorganism must be isolated and grown in a pure culture medium; 3) microorganisms from the pure culture must reproduce the disease when inoculated in a test animal; and 4) the same kind of microorganism must be recovered from the experimentally diseased animal.
Each isolate grew as a pure culture with crude oil as the sole source of carbon and energy.
It is equally questionable whether there is any society in the modern world that can maintain a pure culture.
Focusing on a pure culture anaerobic bacterium, such as Geobacter sulfurreducens, as the core of the microbial fuel cell-based system, the power generation technology for this research would have an exceptionally long lifetime, beneficial for recharging onboard batteries or capacitors and providing for long-duration scouting missions.
A pure culture of colonies with typical Mycoplasma-like morphology was obtained on Columbia agar with 5% sheep blood at the fifth day of incubation from the sample obtained from the right shoulder joint.
This study shows the isolation in pure culture of H.
The plant structure that is suitable for pure culture is not necessarily suitable for mixed culture, For example it is an advantage for a species in mixed culture, to have more leaf area index or more horizontal leaves above the canopy; but it is not necessarily an advantage in pure culture [22].
A microbiologist must work with a pure culture, and some test kits can provide results within four to 24 hours.
In pure culture studies, Lactobacillus casei DSMZ 20011 was essentially found to be resistant to GP whereas a rapid killing effect of between 1 and 3 log CFU/ml reduction in cell numbers was observed with Bacteroides ovatus, Bifidobacterium longum DSMZ 20090 and Clostridium nexile A2-232.