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Repeatability was derived from an estimate of the variance of the difference between retests and assumed no true change in pure tone thresholds between tests.
i) Audiological assessment: Pure tone audiometry was administered on all the subjects using the standard procedure (11).
The carrier sine wave is the frequency being tested and can be presented at any low or high frequency tone as in pure tone testing.
Because many veterans were exposed to loud sounds during military service, we anticipated that they would exhibit higher (that is, poorer) pure tone thresholds than age-matched groups of nonveterans.
She skillfully stamps her mellow, pure tone on this album, the highlight being her emotional rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
Well disciplined,an incredibly pure tone and an innate musicality.
We also measured exact hearing loss to complement the information from pure tone audiometry.
But he also explains the effect of the trumpeter's music: 'His phrasing was intensely precise within the pulse of the rhythm section, but at the same time his phrases were relatively laid-back; with his pure tone, this gave the listener a detached, laconic feeling.
More than exceptionally pure tone, however, makes the Scholars what they are.
Tenders are invited for Supply of two channel pure tone clinical audiometer
On preoperative pure tone audiometry, air-bone gaps were 24, 25, 38, and 33 dB.
The size and location of the perforation was determined by microscopic evaluation, and the pure tone average was calculated by audiometric tests before and after surgery.