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Only pure-bred Arabian salukis, he said, are eligible to enter the races and participants have come from the UAE and other GCC countries.
Mr Davies farms 780 pure-bred breeding ewes - Lleyns, Texels, Charollais and Suffolks.
Af Malika, a four-year-old Arab filly, ran out a convincing winner of the seven-furlong maiden for pure-bred Arabians under Anthony Delpech.
Then there are Hamilton and Meg Swan (Michael Hitchcock and Parker Posey), a pair of neurotic yuppie lawyers and their high-strung, pure-bred Weimaraner, Beatrice.
It's guaranteed, they say, to make "even the most unhip canine companion smell like the pure-bred he was meant to be".
The main problem was that there were not enough pure-bred Dartmoor ponies on the moor.
sell its pure-bred cattle herd and the Ankony Shadow Isle name and
Summary: The 5th round of UAE President Cup Series for Pure-bred Arabian Horses held at the historical Veliefendi Race Course in Istanbul concluded on Sunday.
There's no such thing as a pure-bred English person, no matter how we're packaged" Broadcaster Janet Street-Porter "It was as if some finely woven but rather heavy tweed overcoat had suddenly descended upon my shoulders.
Pure-bred horses cost between EUR3,500 and EUR7,000 to look after every year.
And Mr Corbett plans to switch the herd to pure-bred Limousins.
The pure-bred Azawakh has been around for at least 1000 years when it was the companion of tribesman in the Niger Basin, hunting to provide food.