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The flowers reminded me of that triumphant connection: A newer, purer life emerges from the hush of death.
That dissolved gold can then be redeposited in other places in a much purer form.
As with all OrganicPedic by OMI mattresses, the Sierra has the same purity guarantee, which states, "If a customer can find another organic mattress purer than ours, we will give the customer our mattress for free.
Women want a purer, more natural and streamlined approach to caring for their skin," said Javier Martinez, chief executive officer and president of Acquaessentials.
SHE looks purer than the driven snow in this wedding dress but ever since Beyonce tied the knot she's been getting naughtier by the minute.
At least now we can heave a real sigh of relief and take breaths which are much more purer and safer.
There is a definite move to purer food and a willingness to pay a real premium for products people regard as healthy, as well as a bit indulgent for themselves and their families.
Rivers and streams would become purer, and some human diseases may cease.
Resting in that peace, our thoughts become purer and more spiritual, and as a result, the body resumes its normal functions.
On one hand, natural science is considered fundamentally beneficial because it has lifted from the shoulders of religion the need to explain the world, allowing religion to become purer and deeper.