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PURGATION. The clearing one's self of an offence charged, by denying the guilt on oath or affirmation.
     2. There were two sorts of purgation, the vulgar, and the canonical.
     3. Vulgar purgation consisted in superstitious trials by hot and cold water, by fire, by hot irons, by batell, by corsned, &c., which modes of trial were adopted in times of ignorance and barbarity, and were impiously called judgments of God.
     4. Canonical purgation was the act of justifying one's self, when accused of some offence in the presence of a number of persons, worthy of credit, generally twelve, who would swear they believed the accused. See Compurgator; Wager of Law.
     5. In modern times, a man may purge himself of an offence, in some cases where the facts are within his own knowledge; for example, when a man is charged with a contempt of court, he may purge himself of such contempt, by swearing that in doing the act charged, he did not intend to commit a contempt.

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These little-noted texts also shed oblique light on the expectations of the day: like a father or master, God would use violence to correct sons or slaves; as he does at the shrine, God the healer will cure through painful physical purgation, as much a Galenic notion as a theological one.
In his typology, Corbett proposes purgation as the initial step, a ritual cleansing of the self, the preparation of a mental, emotional, psychological, or spiritual tabula rasa ready to receive Illumination.
A set of doctrines central to this program of reconciling differences on our future hope is related to prayers to the saints and for the dead, purgation, purgatory, masses for the dead, and indulgences.
36) Nonetheless, these images also strengthen the above mentioned interchangeability between consuming and being consumed: the pastry around the meat connotes the bread having been eaten by Old Hamlet, which poisoned his body and deprived him of Lenten purgation.
Also implicit within discussions of menstruation was the belief that moderation and periodicity were essential for healthy menstruation, without which menstruation became a negative purgation than endangered the body.
Is not Winnie raised to the status of a tragic heroine arousing terror and pity, all the more enduring in the reader's mind as her tragedy cannot lead to any cathartic purgation of passion?
The five major signposts that guide the improvisational New Exodus journey are woundedness, wickedness, purgation, illumination, and union.
Love is the unfamiliar Name," the poet says in "Little Gidding" Purgation is the route to beatitude, and asceticism embraces another and unignorable part of orthodoxy that seems of little interest to Oser: the Christian mystical tradition.
And though it is work of a more pleasurable kind than that which Niggle did in the Workhouse, it is still labor and a part of their purgation process.
Ignoring, or what is perhaps more likely, overlooking these concerns, Reich proceeds on the not unreasonable assumption that Holocaust victims ought not to be exempted, on the basis of their martyrdom, from the moral judgment that applies to the rest of humanity, and that whatever the current level of antisemitism may be, the Holocaust "industry" is long overdue for the kind of purgation she means to provide.
Coy also ably describes the fates of those excluded, the place of moral reform in banishment, public expulsion rituals and the relationship with early modern authority, and the therapeutic role of purgation.
As in the symbol of light and darkness, two competing yet complementing elements are present in a constant flow to achieve desired purgation of the protagonist's excessive modern self-consciousness, while giving coherence to the apparently irregular plot structure.