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In fact, her departure featured a sad parade of characters starting to realise, Truman Show-style, that they live in the purgatorial netherworld of Albert Square, and not liking it one bit.
As these descriptions suggest, Newman envisioned the conversion between life and death as an introspective process not unlike the one imagined in his bildungsroman, Loss and Gain: The Story of a Convert and in his personal conversion narrative, the Apologia--both works that were by turns lauded and derided for their purgatorial approach to plotting.
The presence of the tenzone with Forese is recognized here not only through Donati's presence but also through the language and imagery of that particular purgatorial exchange and of the terrace of gluttony more generally.
Yes, being an MP is an intense job which often involves engagements seven days a week; yes, the majority of the work is thoroughly unglamorous; and yes, the journey between a constituency and Westminster is often a purgatorial commute.
Falstaff's plea for God's mercy prior to his comment of heartburn carries purgatorial overtones, and could be read as a fear of the pain associated with penance.
The purgatorial consciousness of mystics also confirms the paradoxical nature of the human encounter with the Holy.
He also reckons with the consequences of the purgatorial policy by mentioning how much wealth, especially in land, became the Church's for centuries.
Both the lost son, who has grown older in the interim, and his father are discovered in separate sections of purgatorial torment, taunted by a spirit who is sometimes a nightmare birdman.
The Dream of Gerontius" is a dramatic poem in which the etymologically named old man, Gerontius, completes a journey from the edge of life through death and then to a place and period of purgatorial suffering in which the consummation of the beatific vision is anticipated.
From reflections on the non-site (Leblon, Reuter, or Oscar Tuazon) to those on the cast (Dean, Cecchetti), the works here seemed haunted by the same ghosts of art history that have made leaving the museum or white cube effectively impossible, keeping sculpture today in a purgatorial production that nevertheless can look, in this case, pretty lively.
The Ex Cathedra Baroque Orchestra playswithstyleandclarity, sprung from a light bass-line, and it is particularly gratifying to have the viola da gamba obbligati delivered with such verve and panachebyRichardCampbell: a far cry fromthe purgatorial interminabilities of thesemovements in decades long gone.
Of course, the punishments are very extreme indeed (Christina creeps into hot bread ovens, for example), but the fact that purgatorial piety plays a role in the Life of Lutgard, as well as in vitae of numerous other holy women from the same region (Liege), should perhaps lead us to focus less on Christina's uniqueness than on her participation in a broader trend whereby women were seen to facilitate release from purgatorial sufferings.