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The large central collar dramatically reduces the space to be purged and makes it easier to reach the lower oxygen levels faster than with conventional purging systems.
Please be sure that the unused blocks, layers and dimensions will be purged are no longer in use before purging.
We pride ourselves by responding to customers ambitions to process their product through non-contaminated pipework, which has been welded in a clean and well purged environment," says the company.
The ePurge product family will be used with all future purged systems from the company.
When the compound is purged from extruder and head after 20 to 25 minutes of soaking, residue, burnt material and other contaminants are pushed out along with it.
1 : to get rid of <Ineffective workers were purged from the company.
Large pipes and vessels can be purged of air quickly and easily--with savings of up to 90 percent in purge gas requirements--using a British-made weld purging system.
The warlike state of the [people of the] La Plata River provinces has purged that territory [of Spanish forces] and led their victorious armies to Upper Peru.
This new domestic role for the CIA comes at a time when the agency is being purged of analysts and officers not deemed loyal to the Bush administration and its agenda.