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Such pollution, did it chance to occur, could be purged only by the death of the offending female.
Again and again must the drums tap, and the goblins stalk over the universe before joy can be purged of the superficial.
Now Nietzsche disagreed entirely with Renan's view, that Christ was "le grand maitre en ironie"; in Aphorism 31 of "The Antichrist", he says that he (Nietzsche) always purged his picture of the Humble Nazarene of all those bitter and spiteful outbursts which, in view of the struggle the first Christians went through, may very well have been added to the original character by Apologists and Sectarians who, at that time, could ill afford to consider nice psychological points, seeing that what they needed, above all, was a wrangling and abusive deity.
The chastened melancholy induced by many months of fetching of pails of water, of scrubbing floors with a mop, and of jumping like a firecracker to avoid excited bees had been purged from him by the lights and the music and the wine.
It was purged from the drawbacks of his personality, and I could not resist it.
One is called the Boylston school, and is an asylum for neglected and indigent boys who have committed no crime, but who in the ordinary course of things would very soon be purged of that distinction if they were not taken from the hungry streets and sent here.
Not to quote the illustrious examples of those heroic scourges of mankind, whose amiable path in life has been from birth to death through blood, and fire, and ruin, and who would seem to have existed for no better purpose than to teach mankind that as the absence of pain is pleasure, so the earth, purged of their presence, may be deemed a blessed place--not to quote such mighty instances, it will be sufficient to refer to old John Willet.
The purge must be carefully inspected during purging to understand when the machine has been sufficiently purged.
The sleeve between the dams reduces the volume to be purged by two-thirds, ensuring a fast purge time down to 10 parts per million of oxygen, www.
To use this function, designers can type BATPURGE command and add the drawings which are need to be purged into the list.
We pride ourselves by responding to customers ambitions to process their product through non-contaminated pipework, which has been welded in a clean and well purged environment," says the company.
When stainless steel pipes are welded, they need to have the air purged from the insides with an inert gas such as argon.