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Ella e sottomessa con gioia ad ogni mio desiderio, ha la mia volonta per unica legge" (178-179)--which describes the pleasure Giorgio foresees for them in their crypt of purificatory idealization.
Similarly, if the revolutionary syndicalist model persisted in respect of the Sorelian justification of a purificatory violence, it was taken up and diverted from its initial role, and replaced by an imagery and mythology created by the Bolsheviks.
Having already been initially embraced by the absolute content of communal being, consciousness embraces this embracing--by undergoing the long purificatory phenomenological process--and thereby posits itself as the absolute subject.
Tamino and Pamina together undergo a series of trials, by fire, water, air and earth, which are purificatory ordeals.
During the puberty ceremony, when a young girl comes of age, after her purificatory bath, she is wrapped in a red chope embroidered by her maternal grandmother and they sing:
As Marques underscores in an epigraph from the Buddhist Sermon on Fire, "Todo esta en llamas" [Everything is in flames] (15), En una ciudad llamada San Juan is a furiously purificatory text.
The lustral bath was evidently designed for a purificatory bath before the sleep.
Their vigorous efforts to augment their numbers by enrolling untouchables and tribals as Hindus after making them undergo a purificatory ceremony set off a more or less similar response in the Muslim community.
Sumit Sarkar argued: "Gandhi's anti-liquor campaign did hit British revenues, but there can be little doubt that much of its appeal lay in its purificatory 'Sanskritizing' role," in which lower castes emulated higher ones.
In this case, their ordeal may also have had an expiatory and/or purificatory aspect before the final sacrifice of their lives.