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Ella e sottomessa con gioia ad ogni mio desiderio, ha la mia volonta per unica legge" (178-179)--which describes the pleasure Giorgio foresees for them in their crypt of purificatory idealization.
The most poignant phulkari is the one made by the older women, which they dip in the purificatory waters of the river Ganga, sacred to the Hindus, and then keep away to be used as their shroud.
5 Clitophon believes that the boukoloi have sacrificed Leucippe, eaten parts of her flesh in a purificatory ritual, and consigned her body to a coffin.
Hooker, hoping for flow but caught in the drift of ebb, could not sanction the passage of sin into oblivion without purificatory painstaking on the part of sinners.
116-22) in connection with a long purificatory ritual designed to avert inter alia the ill omen represented by an eclipse.
Thus, the Musaf service on Yom Kippur, which includes the reliving of the successful purificatory sacrifices as they were practiced in the great temple when it yet stood, concludes, in European tradition, with a melody for the full Kaddish that is particularly joyful.
The third set of debated questions has to do with the relationship between Therese's trial and the purificatory "dark nights" described by her mentor John of the Cross.
So far as I am aware there are no recorded instances of purificatory penis-bleeding rites performed in societies where ritual homosexuality was a feature of male initiation.
The Stranger's first division in the diacritical art had been between an unnamed art of separating like from like and the purificatory art of separating better from worse (226d1-5).
The demarcated areas usually were termed gatauu- "space, place" in the Young Avestan Videvdad (Widewdad) or "Code to Ward Off Evil Spirits," translated as gah in its Pahlavi commentary and later in the premodern Persian Rivayats or "Treatises," when used for purificatory rites such as the Barasum 1 no sab or purification of the nine (days and) nights.
The practice of praying for the dead as well as the burial liturgy implies the existence of a "post mortem purificatory phase.