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The rapid growth of the Chinese air purifier market attracted many new players to enter in the past few years, altered the existing market dynamics.
com/research/v3l92h/apac_air) has announced the addition of the "APAC Air Purifiers Market, By Technology, Coverage Area, Application, Country Forecast & Analysis (2015-2022)" report to their offering.
Majority of the global demand for water purifiers emanates from Asia Pacific, as the market for water purifiers in developed nations, such as North America and Europe, Western Europe in particular, has been nearing maturity over the last few years.
In addition to discounting deeply, we are also working with retailers to replenish [air purifier inventory].
Air purifiers cost about $300 to $600 each and the operational cost is "pennies a day," Rittri said.
Sharp said a purifier the company developed three years ago was used as a base product for the new purifier for cars, which deactivates mold and bacteria by generating positive and negative ions.
You can get clean oil either by frequent oil replacement or by on-stream purification with state-of-art vacuum oil purifiers.
South Africa Water Purifier Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017 Discusses the Following Aspects Related to Water Purifiers Market in South Africa:
To gain an in-depth understanding of water purifier market in South Korea
Despite the forecast decline in 2015, Innova Research is positive on the longer term growth trend for the Chinese residential air purifier market.
The purifier -- designed to propel fresh, clean air toward the user's nose and mouth -- is worn around the neck and "looks like a pair of binoculars," the company said.