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A perilous solitude, for it was followed by afternoons and evenings spent, day after day and week after week alone in the society of two women, one of whom possessed all the accomplishments of grace, wit, and high-breeding, the other all the charms of beauty, gentleness, and simple truth, that can purify and subdue the heart of man.
The very" word "purgatory" comes from the word "purge," to purify.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 27, 2006 - (JCN) - Together with Hitachi Plant Technologies, Hitachi has developed a system to purify ballast water that is used to keep the horizontal balance of a ship but considered to cause marine pollution as it contains planktons and bacteria in a variety of sea areas.
They also can be water and energy intensive and can take hours to purify.
The device relates to a wood drying plant comprising a wood drying device and a purifying device that is arranged to receive a drying gas from the wood drying device, the drying gas comprising water steam and volatilized organic components such as terpenes, and to purify the drying gas from organic components and to recover the latter.