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10) Other therapies not included in the AABB survey that have also been identified as potential causes of TA-GVHD are treatment with purine analogue drugs (fludarabine, cladribine, and deoxycoformycin) as well as alemtuzumab (an anti-CD52 agent) and ATG.
According to the EBMT consensus, patients with non-response or early relapse (within 12 months) after purine analogue treatment relapse within 24 months of having achieved a response with purine-analogue-based combination therapy, or autologous transplantation and TP53 abnormalities requiring treatment are potential candidates for alloHSCT (55).
Multivariate analysis showed that uncontrolled disease at the time of alloHSCT and in vivo T-cell depletion with alemtuzumab, but no del 17p, previous purine analogue refractoriness, and donor source (human leukocyte antigen-identical siblings or unrelated donors) had an adverse impact on EFS and OS, indicating that alloHSCT can result in long-term MRD-negative survival in up to 50% of patients, independent of the underlying genomic risk profile.