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ALTHOUGH I am surprised to learn that an "alternative lifestyle club" remains open next to a new school (Calls for sex club opposite new school to be closed, Chronicle, Sept 23), and I am confident that if any laws were to be broken (rather than offend the sensibilities of those of a Puritanical persuasion), then such a facility would be closed, surely the point has been missed?
It has been shown that boys who are raised in a puritanical manner are most likely to become those addicted to pornography and have a sexist attitude towards women.
Watching again, it's clear that Edward Woodward was so well cast as the puritanical policeman who was sent to investigate a missing schoolgirl on a pagan Scots island.
I have always considered myself to be the liberal branch of my family tree, but maybe I am, dare I say, puritanical when it comes to sex.
I am still staggered that in that near puritanical age, parents would allow their darling young daughters out all night.
This was a decision based on puritanical prejudices and assumptions that essentially violated another human right -- freedom of expression.
I was longing for a puritanical lifestyle as a kid," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain's Vogue magazine.
THE New Puritans Christmas collection, from Topshop, evokes the new minimalism that is taking hold of wardrobes, drawing inspiration from a Puritanical era.
My favourites are to the song Puritanical Punishment Beating from the Brummie extreme noise merchants' Smear Campaign album.
Not something that you can easily admit to in Los Angeles because no one drinks here and they're very puritanical about it, which I don't approve of because it's a very spiritual activity," the Academy-award winner joked.
I'm not about to get all puritanical - there's nothing wrong with admiring stunning ladies in their finery - but I think it's worth warning men not to play the well-trodden roles of the sleazy uncle or the hilariously wacky show-off.
Now that a 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruling has upheld a lower court's ruling that the 2006 Massachusetts law is unconstitutional, it's time for Massachusetts to put away its puritanical and tyrannical rules and let producers and consumers of a perfectly legal product - wine - do business directly.