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The downside of Puritanical idealism was a kind of intrusive idealism that makes every sin into a crime and tramples politically on liberty of conscience.
Justin Luke Zirilli is in no way as puritanical as I.
The NGOs are pursuing a noble cause in fighting against the sexual exploitation of women and human trafficking and it is their right to display a puritanical zeal.
Now that a 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruling has upheld a lower court's ruling that the 2006 Massachusetts law is unconstitutional, it's time for Massachusetts to put away its puritanical and tyrannical rules and let producers and consumers of a perfectly legal product - wine - do business directly.
Once the heroine flees her uncle's court (in this production it's puritanical England) she discovers the New World Aitken-style.
He even makes some reference to how comedy shouldn't be "Protestant", in a reference to the stern, puritanical and obviously stereotypical Presbyterian.
The obscure religious dignitary said the cancelling of the festival comes as an expression of imam Sadr's and Sayyed Sharafuddeen"s wish to keep the community puritanical and conservative
Khomeini argued that the past should bury the future and that Persians and Muslims should build their future on hostility to Israel, isolation from the West and subordinating modernity to a puritanical Islam.
Before Olds recounts the end of her mother's life and battle with cancer, she covers some other pretty intense subjects, such as corporeal punishment while menstruating, abortions in the era of George Bush and her mother's own personal lonesome, abusive and puritanical history.
Puritanical impulses have likewise surfaced in cultures removed from the old monotheist centres, and the ancient Buddhist revolution in India could be seen as a puritanical reaction to the background resplendency.
Amesh Adalja's assertions that it is puritanical to disagree with a mass prescription to immunize all girls against HPV ("Puritanical Ideas Are Perilous," Letters, April 1, p.
My hope is that more politicians will follow the example of Texas Governor Rick Perry, who recently mandated the vaccine in his state's public schools, and not heed the puritanical ideas that are perilous to women's health.