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In fact, 1847 is almost coincident with the extensive celebrations associated with the coming of age of the Marquis of Chandos in September 1844, which attracted thousands of inhabitants living within the purlieus of Stowe House.
It wasn't so long ago that I had hopes that the Marxist-socialist rot--outside the insulated purlieus of humanities departments at Western universities, anyway--was on the fast track to oblivion.
Barbara Arroyo documents shifts in house form through time on the Pacific coast, with a good summary of several recent projects, while Nicholas Dunning emphasises that most Maya homesteads were farmsteads and Jon Lohse demonstrates the variety of these within the purlieus of the Late Classic centre of Dos Hombres in north-eastern Belize.
the National Art Collections Fund has mounted an exhibition, impressive even in the drab purlieus of the Hayward Gallery, of some of the most notable works it has helped to retain in Great Britain during the past hundred years.
never travelled beyond the purlieus of the [London] metropolis, either in body or spirit," and thus "Primrose-hill is the Ultima Thule of his most romantic desires.
Unlike the great train shed, Gothenburg's bus station has to be sealed against the elements - at Waterloo all the ticket purchase, waiting and shopping is below platform level in an efficient but not very inspiring layer, squashed between the tracks and the top of the viaduct; the only times when travellers are actually in the glazed volume on the platforms is when they bustle between trains and subterranean purlieus.
Success - and by local community standards these men were very successful indeed - in the literary purlieus of the nineties clearly did not convey grace and spiritual health.
He imagines Bon exposing Henry "by slow degrees" to an "esoteric milieu" and "corrupting Henry gradually into the purlieus of elegance" (87).
The text, a mixture of poetry and prose, recounts the fate of a British infantry unit, whose members come "from Islington and Hackney/ and the purlieus of Walworth/flashers from Surbiton/ men of the stock of Abraham/ from Bromley-by-Bow.
In fact, he greatly prefers her attitude to that of certain "hyper-aesthetical and super-finicking criticism," that "does not, to my knowledge, occur in the purlieus of bohemianism and in the shimmering pages of the fin de siecle, but rather in the very citadels of academic respectability, and in the works of some of our most eminent and sober students of Coleridge.
He has lived in the purlieus of Westminster politics for most of his adult life and has an understanding of the workings of government, from Buckingham Palace down to the lowest ministry, envied by many academic teachers of politics.
The clock is ticking on those moribund purlieus, however.