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PURLIEU, Eng. law. A space of land near a forest, known by certain boundaries, which was formerly part of a forest, but which has been separated from it.
     2. The history of purlieus is this. Henry III., on taking possession of the throne, manifested so great a taste for forests that he enlarged the old ones wherever he could, and by this means enclosed many estates, which had no outlet to the public roads, and things increased in this way until the reign of King John, when the public reclamations were so great that much of this land was disforested; that is, no longer had the privileges of the forests, and the land thus separated bore the name of purlieu.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Being haunted by the empty room and its liminal sense of incipient absence, the looming fact of new occupancy, of time moving on and ejecting us from these well-known purlieus that yet contain all the numen of utter otherness, has made me ask, as I did not think to ask before, what is a room?
There are several further references to the choir, all associated with communal occasions removed from ecclesiastical purlieus. On 10 February 1831 he has, 'I supper at Lees we Singers', doubtless referring to C.
* A small group meeting with the country's chief executive in a White House locale rich in historical associations and consequence can have intimidating power even for those who aren't strangers to Authority's purlieus. The present writer, holder of no public office and never admitted to the Oval Office, can remember a White Home meeting with President Lyndon Johnson, held in 1968 in the Cabinet Room, to which a half dozen teachers with decent professional qualifications if no reclame brought pressing questions about the Vietnam War.
An additional indication of the real motive came from the Allied press briefing three days after the attack on Dresden and its purlieus: "first of all they are the centres to which evacuees are being moved." Then were mentioned "centres of communication," and finally support for the Russian advance.
I suppose I cannot really blame Virgin Trains for having a window shot out with an air-rifle in the purlieus of Birmingham, although I suspect the perpetrator to have been a disgruntled former passenger.
The only consistent position of the institutional theorist to adopt is the view that both a rtworlds can confer arthood and non-arthood, but only within their own purlieus" (37)--this only underlines the absurdity.
EAST ANGLIA: Walberswick, Suffolk (partly open); Bedford Purlieus, Cambs.
In a couple of weeks Bill will be ogling the girls in the bank and suggesting sorties to the local hot-mattress motel, if such sanctuary is available in the purlieus of the Saw Mill River Parkway.
Bradshaw's worship of "Conversion,"--a "Goddess even now engaged in the heat of India, the mud and swamp of Africa, the purlieus of London"--symbolizes the way in which imperialism is not a solely `foreign' project (99).
Elle se presente sous trois formes: une serie discontinue de fragments autographes, la copie R,camier des trois premiers livres (texte redig, jusqu'en septembre 1817), et quelques extraits imprim,s dans les pr,faces ou introductions de certains volumes des Ouvres completes purlieus par Advocate en 1826-28.
Bailed up one night in the region of the Street of the Seven Sisters, the mention of his name secured us an unmolested passage through the purlieus of the Arab quarter.
A terrace surrounds the completed block, with a natural random rubble wall defining the immediate purlieus. Above this, and the greenery of the parks, floats the big long building detailed in white render, black metal, wood balustrades, glass block and glass with the crisp precision we have come to expect from Finland.