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I would again ask the law-abiding majority to tell us about those who are profiting from the misery of others so that we and the courts can deal with them.'' Anyone with information on burglars or handlers can call the Operation Purloin robbery team on 0845 1135000.
Many weavers made occasional forays into the ranks of small producers, manufacturing their own piece from surplus yarn that they slowly accumulated over weeks and months.(34) More often, worsted workers found a market for their takings among the small piece-makers or the ubiquitous waste gatherers who scoured the textile districts.(35) Large numbers also frequented the open markets held at Dewsbury and other towns in Yorkshire "for the sale of yarn made from waste and purloined materials."(36) Much of the material never left a worsted worker's neighborhood.
Because each and every government believed (rightly) that they owned a share of the Air Afrique airline, heads of state invariably felt (wrongly) they could justifiably purloin aircraft to take them where they pleased at a moments notice.
Detectives running Operation Purloin said they are were confident they could disrupt the trade in stolen goods and impact on the number of burglaries.
Supt Tim Godwin, who is heading up Operation Purloin, said: "We will have people on standby and are ready to pay burglars a visit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
Polish caper pic "Vinci," in which thieves plot to purloin a Leonardo da Vinci painting, is no masterpiece, but it forges zippy, mainstream entertainment from by-the-numbers elements.
"They can fund Christmas like everyone else does by working hard or they can spend it away from their families." The raids will be part of Operation Purloin - the biggest ever offensive of its kind - which began in October.
Superintendent Tim Godwin, of West Midlands Police, is heading Operation Purloin, a festive crackdown on burglars and their middle-men, and wants those tempted by a bargain to stop and think about the human cost.
We collected firewood for months on end Woe betide any rascal who dared purloin Our 'stash' why?
Police launched the first wave of Operation Purloin, a city-wide blitz on the handlers who fuel a seasonal spike in winter break-ins and robberies, in October.
There aren't many in the world who can say they've been beaten up by Buffy the Vampire Slayer but it's the boast Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed writer James Gunn can make: WIN:We've managed to purloin five Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed goody bags for you dear Echo readers to enjoy.
At least a dozen vehicles were also seized as officers staged a show of force alongside colleagues from Birmingham City Council and other agencies as part of Operation Purloin.