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If our thoughts can be purloined and used to influence us into doing something we otherwise might not, we need to guard against it, individually and collectively - and fast!
The purloined goods, moreover, could provide the core elements for a future clandestine Iranian enrichment facility.
A few years later, the museum rehung the empty frames that once surrounded four of the missing pictures--discarded by the thieves, they are relics of the purloined works.
Topics include the Other before the law, doing gender justice, and textuality and law, with entries on the spirit of literature, the Other as the (purloined) letter of the law, outlaws in William Harrison's Description of England, justice and poetry in faerie land, Judith S.
According to the report, earlier, the judge refused to block sales of the infringing products in the US after she said Apple failed to show consumer demand for the Samsung devices was driven by the purloined technology, including the 'pinch-to-zoom' function.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)-The hacking collecting GhostShell has announced it has finished operations for the year, but has signed off with a dump of around 1.6 million account details purloined from government, military, and industry.
as The Purloined Paperweight) did not appear until 1967 and is one of his 'stand alone' novels.
The number stolen in the first four months of 2012 is said to outstrip the number sold in all of 2010, when 9.5 million pieces of purloined personal information were traded in online forums.
With a name purloined from their favourite film, director Noah Baumbach's The Squid and The Whale, the band at one stage were in danger of falling into that American trap of being better known for their quirky name than their music.
There was barely room for my in-tray and folder containing much-treasured thank you letters, never mind important documents and work in progress, so I purloined a second crate.
"Re: Telling: An Anthology of Borrowed Premises, Stolen Settings, Purloined Plots, and Appropriated Characters" is a collection of short fiction from many writers who present characters of many walks of life and offers them a particular grasp on many characters we know and love, from fairy tales to video games, to mythology, and so much more.
By the time Gru has purloined the shrink ray, the curmudgeon has forged a bond with the girls and he must contemplate giving up his life of crime to become a father or send them back to the orphanage.