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Thus have I used you once more to my end, sonnet, you infamous, purloining verse, mandala in which my beggar's crusts are penned.
Otherwise, very little of note happened at Edgbaston Priory yesterday other than yours truly complaining about small portions in the canteen, the club membership being admonished for purloining articles from the press cuttings board and a handful of bored-looking players looking as though they'd rather be anywhere else.
Vandalism and purloining of fuel from pipelines is a common occurrence in Nigeria, which has one of the lowest incomes of any major oil-producing country.
When the shards of glass settle Chief Grizzly (Xzbit) from the local police calls in help from detective Nicky Flippers (Stiers) to make sense of events leading up to the confrontation and to unmask the dastardly "Goodie Bandit", who has been purloining recipes from residents of the forest.
The same thieves occupy the same positions purloining the same dollars.
With a 52-strong crew rescued, local customs officer Charles McColl eventually had the ship blown up to prevent further purloining, and put an end to the island's whisky bonanza.
According to La Republica, Kroll will carry out a six-month probe into Fujimori's suspected purloining of state funds for his personal use, including for the education of his children overseas.